Patchwork is an online gifting platform which My Native customers can customise to their heart's content & share with friends, family & colleagues for contributions to a holiday, weekend away, honeymoon, baby-moon, 40th birthday celebrations.... Truly original & creative in its approach, we think the idea that your loved ones can buy you a day with a private safari-guide in South Africa, a tasting menu with wine pairing in California, or a champagne beach picnic in Maui....quite simply rocks! And it's straight-forward to set up. For more information on how My Native works with Patchwork, click here

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The My Native team is pretty savvy on local knowledge but we also recognise that we can't know everything about everywhere. Which is why LUXE is such an important partnership. Their insistence on having resident editors in the cities they cover is key. So when our clients are travelling to a 'LUXE' destination, we offer complimentary digital guides to those cities. LUXE covers everything from hotels and restaurants to spas, bars, boutique and bespoke shopping, as well as services, specialists and personal guides - if it’s in LUXE, it’s IN.